Who Needs an Abdominal Workout? Fake Six Pack Abs??!!

Sometimes I truly wonder what this world is coming to.

This probably is not new, but a customer just emailed us the ab implant picture.

The Right Way To Get Those Perfect Six Pack Abs:

Body Solid Ab BenchBody Solid Ab Board

Body Solid Powerline Ab BoardBody Solid Cam Ab Bench

Body Solid Ab Mantis Machine Commercial

The Wrong Way To Get Six Pack Abs:


Wouldn’t Michelangelo be proud…

Yes, we carry a complete line of abdominal workout equipment so you can earn a REAL SIX PACK!


  1. ChuckOlson5 says:

    haha love this @tony_horton @briggsfitness @shaun_thompson Who Needs an Abdominal Workout? Fake Six Pack Abs http://bit.ly/IZMlp

  2. Jack Webster says:

    Who Needs an Abdominal Workout? Fake Six Pack Abs??!! http://bit.ly/gqs6ix

  3. Jnganeshglobal says:

    Well, to each his own, and I’ll never walk a mile in the moccasins of the guys who choose to go this route. That being said, I wonder what those blocks of plastic (?) feel like, inside and out. It just can’t be healthy. Have they even been doing this operation long enough to know what the side effects can be? I know it would be a move in the right direction for humankind if we could love ourselves and others just how we are, perfectly made.

  4. Jlexington says:

    great abs need work

  5. Steve says:

    I absolutely agree, especially with the last sentence. Way too much is done for the sake of cosmetic looks, but doing a workout program with the goal of having great looking abs provides a lot of motivation to people who improve their quality of life through exercise.

  6. Ray G says:

    true!but it doesent even take us 15 years in this world to completly destroy it, then your on to the biggest loser show or you get surgery to look like a “normal” human beeing again. your body is not suposed to hold for example 250pound of fat….

  7. chad fitness says:

    so what happens when you get fat and the fat fills over the implants.