Review Followup 2: DPL Light Therapy Testimonials Video (Joint and Muscle Pain Relief)

A few days ago we posted video testimonials of DPL users for skin care. This video contains information and testimonials about using the DPL light therapy system for pain relief. This is the second follow up review from our main review of the DPL.

This specific video pertains to the DPL system used as a joint pain, muscle pain, sports injuries, and more.

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More information on our Better Health Innovations site (including videos):
DPL Light Therapy System

Portable Handheld DPL Nuve

Do you have experience or questions about the DPL System? Please leave a comment below!DPL LED Light Therapy System for Pain Relief

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  1. Jack Webster says:

    Joint and Muscle Pain Relief Video Review Followup 2 of the DPL Light Therapy System. Includes Several Testimonials

  2. Alex Webster says:

    RT @TopsyRT: Review Followup 2: DPL Light Therapy Testimonials Video (Joint and Muscle Pain Relief)

  3. Tiki says:

    I am an Oregon Licensed Esthetician and I recently brought these devices into my private practice and I am totally astounded! My clients are raving about their results and I am treating people for everything from wrinkles to neuropathy!! My own experience with them is amazing – the anti-aging results are rapid and truly noticeable and the pain management is beyond words. I cannot, cannot, recommend this therapy highly enough!!!!

  4. Shari says:

    What are the dangers of using DPL for someone who is taking aspirin, tylenol or coumadin/warfarin?

  5. Steve says:

     Hi Shari,

    You really have to ask your doctor about that.