Best Before Bed Snacks To Keep You Lean

Stressed about late-night eating? One thing that many people do struggle cutting out of their daily schedule is late-night eating.

You’re at home with not much else to do but watch the television or surf the Internet and food just happens to go perfectly with both of these activities.

Chances are you’re also slightly hunger if you’ve eaten your dinner meal around six or seven and it’s now nearing ten or eleven pm.

But, will eating at night cause you to gain body weight? Or, can you safely have a snack and not have it influence your progress?

The trick here is choosing wisely. If you are smart in your snack selection then you can definitely have a quick bite to eat before you turn in for the evening.

Let’s give you some smart night-time snack ideas that will help keep you lean while fueling your body.

Cottage Cheese And Peanut Butter

First up on the list is the classic cottage cheese mixed with peanut butter.  This is one snack that you’ll hear recommended time and time again because it provides you with a slow digesting form of protein (casein) and then some healthy fats that decrease digestion time even further.

Because this is a low carb meal in nature, this also means it’ll be great for those seeking maximum fat loss on their diet.

Greek Yogurt With Berries And Flaxseeds

If you just can’t stand the thought of cottage cheese however, then you need to consider an alternative. Here, turn to some Greek yogurt.  Greek yogurt is much higher in protein content than regular yogurt is, so will much better for helping to keep you lean.

In addition to that, a few berries tossed on top for added flavor will also boost the fiber and antioxidant content and then the flaxseeds will provide the healthy fats.  This is a great sweet treat before you head to bed.

Protein Pudding

If you can’t get past your craving for chocolate, then you’ll just have to come up with a healthier substitute.  Protein pudding is the perfect recipe for this.

Combine some low-fat, low-sugar chocolate pudding powder with skim milk according to the packaged directions and then stir in a scoop of your favorite chocolate protein powder as well.

You’ll get over 15 grams of protein per serving with this and will give your body everything it needs before the night-time fast.

Rice Cakes With Tuna And Cream Cheese

Finally, for those who crave crunch, try a rice cake or two smeared with some fat-free cream cheese and half a can of tuna.

The rice cake is still relatively low in carbs but will provide that crunch and then the tuna will pack in the protein. The cream cheese is also higher in protein content with a small amount of fats and will help add flavor to this quick snack before bed.

So there you have just a few ideas to get you started. If you can take some time to plan your evening snacks properly rather than just rummaging through the pantry to see what you can find, you can be sure that your snacks will do your body justice rather than harm.


  1. Jack Webster says:

    Just Posted:: Best Before Bed Snacks To Keep You Lean

  2. Thanks @Btr_Innovations for some awesome before-bed snack ideas.

  3. just asking says:

    what about oatmeal?

  4. girl says:

    Oatmeal is high in fibre and provides long-lasting, stabilized blood sugar, which is effective in the morning or before energy-requiring tasks. Before bed and you’re asking just to store it. The key to all these recipes is the high protein content and healthy fats- both fat and protein take longer to digest than simple carbs, which is why they’re good for you. Protein takes the longest and therefore burns the most calories just for eating it- which is why it’s great for fat loss.