Five Delicious, Healthy and Guilt-Free Snacks

Many people believe that snacking is an unhealthy habit, the truth however, is quite the opposite. Snacking on the right foods can do wanders for your metabolism, and helps keep your energy level up through out the day. By choosing healthy snacks, you can get a boost of energy, curb your appetite and stay fuller longer, and reduce the possibility of overeating at meal times. Whether you’re a mom on the go, or have a desk job, these are just five healthy and simple snacks you can enjoy guilt-free through out the day.

1) Dark Chocolate: you read that right, dark chocolate is a healthy snack you can enjoy without any guilt! Dark chocolate packs a lot of punch, with plenty of antioxidants, it fights against heart disease and can easy high blood pressure. This is also a healthy source of caffeine, which is a great way to relieve the mid-day “crash”, and can give you a healthy boost of energy to get through the day. Make sure it’s dark chocolate, the higher the cocoa percentage, the better.

2) Popcorn: also, not a fluke! Popcorn is a delicious treat many of us enjoy frequently, and I bet you’d never guess it is also incredibly healthy, just make sure you pick the right kind. Although often packed with sodium and butter, you can avoid unnecessary fats by air popping it, or purchase low-sodium microwave popcorn for great health benefits. This is a snack that is high in fiber and antioxidants, which is no surprise considering it is 100% whole grain. Bring a microwave bag to work and you’ll have a quick, healthy snack for your work station.

3) Yogurt: low or non fat yogurt is full of calcium, which is essential in every diet. Make sure there are no added sugars, as often found in many “fruit at the bottom” type yogurts. The best yogurt is Greek style, get it plain and add in granola, oats, preserves, or fresh berries or other fruit for a delicious treat.

4) Green Tea: a great replacement for coffee and soda, and a flavorful alternative to just having a glass of water, this is a healthy beverage you should enjoy every day. Your immune system will benefit greatly, and your risk of prostate and skin cancer will be reduced. Although many types of tea have health benefits, green tea has come ahead in many studies. Making sure you drink enough water each day is important, tea makes meeting your daily quota easier with a flavor you can enjoy, and benefit from.

5) Nuts: Although nuts have long received a bad rap for being high in fat, many studies have proven that small doses of certain kinds of nuts can have an abundance of health benefits. Walnuts, almonds, and pistachios offer plenty of protein, antioxidants, and heart healthy lipids. Nuts are also filling, and offer long term energy, which makes them a great snack for everyone. Make sure, however, that they are not highly salted.

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