12 Exercises for Elderly Dealing with Walking Problems

As you age, it can be difficult finding exercises that you can actually take part in. This is especially true if you have had an injury that has left you with walking problems.  Listed below are a few tips for elderly who may be dealing with walking problems. Exercise is an important part of life regardless of how old you are.  Incorporate these exercises at least 3 to 5 times a week to help increase the longevity of your life.

  • Swimming. Swimming is highly recommended by doctors as a great way to get a good work out in regardless of how old you are you.  It is especially good for elderly people who may not be able to participate in brisk walking or other activities to get the heart rate up.
  • Using the elliptical machine. Depending on the severity of your problem, using an elliptical machine can provide a low impact work out.  These machines are cost efficient and can be used to get your heart rate up daily.
  • Arm exercises. If you can’t use the lower half of your body, you can still get in a good arm workout each day.  Do a series of arm circles in an effort to maintain muscle mass in your arms and get your heart rate up.
  • Stretching. Stretching is important as you age. You want to keep your muscles loose and in shape.  Stretch out your muscles when you wake up in the morning and when you have the time throughout the day. The more your stretch, the more flexible your body will be.
  • Weight lifting. Even lifting small items such as a can of soup sitting down at the kitchen table will have benefits.  Realize that you probably won’t be as strong as you were when you were younger. Start with small weights and challenge yourself to lift a little more each week.
  • Water aerobics. This is perhaps one of the greatest exercises for elderly people. Water can reduce the impact of exercising.  Join an aerobics class at your local gym to help fight aging.
  • Volunteering.  Find ways to get out and about.  Volunteering for easy to do jobs that don’t require much walking can be very beneficial.  It can be good for your body and your mind. Hospitals are a great place to find easy, low impact jobs.  Volunteering can be very rewarding physically and emotionally.
  • Shopping. Another great way to get in your daily exercise by getting out of the house is shopping.  Many stores have carts that you can ride on.  Find creative ways to get your exercise in such as getting off and on the mobile shopping cart when you can.
  • Leg lifts.  To get your exercise in, consider doing leg lifts.  It is as simple as sitting in a chair and lifting your legs as high as you possibly can.  Leg lifts will help you maintain muscle if you have problems walking.
  • Getting a workout from the wheel chair. If your injury requires that you have a wheel chair, choose to get your arm exercise in by wheeling yourself around the neighborhood a few times.  Go for a morning and evening “walk” in your wheel chair and reap the benefits of the exercise that it will provide.
  • Gardening.  Gardening is a great physical activity that will require that you use your arm muscles. Choose to plant a small flower garden that will be easy to maintain. Spending time in the garden will be great for exercise and also rejuvenating for your mind.
  • Doing small chores around the house.  If you can clean you house, this is a great source of exercise. Look at cleaning as a way to get into shape instead of as chores that you dread to do each day.  Instead of hiring a maid, choose to do the cleaning yourself.

As you can see, exercise can come from many sources.  Simply getting out of the house and putting your muscles to use can be considered exercise.  You can still stay in shape if you are dealing with walking problems. Use the list of exercises above to help you get started.

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