Teeter Hang Ups EP-560 Inversion Table Introduction and Quick Review

Early this week Teeter Hang Ups released their new EP-560 and EP-560 Sport inversion tables.  For those who follow this sort of thing, it’s pretty exciting news since it’s been a few years since Teeter has had a major redesign.  I first saw this table at the 2011 fitness equipment trade show in Vegas, and have been eagerly awaiting it’s release.  Here, I give you a quick review of the table in case you are considering it.  I will follow up with a more complete review shortly.  Also, the video below is from Teeter, we will have our own which goes into more detail and will be less of a commercial.

Teeter EP-560As you may already know, Teeter Hang Ups has been around for 30 years, longer than any other inversion table manufacturer.  In fact, they are the only manufacturer that only manufacturers inversion tables.  They are widely recognized as the leader in inversion therapy and innovation.  Looking at their track record, warranties, UL certified tables, etc, it would be easy to conclude that purchasing a different brand would be almost foolish (you are suspended upside down on the thing, you know).

Teeter talks at great length about the ComforTrak Bed. They highlight the comfort and durability of this new design.  I see the new bed as being the next design iteration of the Flex Technology bed found on the EP-550, but is not a step-change like when the Flex Technology bed was introduced.  That said, the new bed is plenty comfortable, and I particularly like the “tracks” that will accommodate accessories (more on that later).  Also, the three hand grips near the top of the table are very nice for aiding in stretching.

The biggest change, and possibly the most compelling reason to consider purchasing a Teeter Hang Ups EP-560 over an EP-550 are the foot clamps.  The old design supports the feet from the back of the feet (heal and Achilles tendon area) and the top of the feet.  This was a proven design, and is still comfortable.  The new EP-560 design changes this by incorporating the “Ergo-Embrace” supports that clamp around your ankles kind of like Gravity Boots.  These were formerly found only on the more expensive EP-950 inversion table.   Both are secure and comfortable, so it’s up to you whether you want to be suspended by your feet (get the EP-550 if that’s the case) or suspended by your ankles (go with the EP-560).

Features of the Teeter EP-560 Inversion TableTwo new accessories have been introduced that work with the EP-560 new bed design: Acupressure Nodes and a Lumbar Bridge.  I think that the image shows the possible benefit from these accessories pretty well.  I do wish that Teeter had simply made these standard rather than making them an add-on.  For the Lumber Bridge, if a lumbar cushion or pad makes you feel more comfortable then you should consider it.  Certainly if your car has seats with lumbar support that you keep on a high setting, then get the lumbar bridge.  The benefit of Acupressure Nodes is a little less obvious to most people.  Use of these nodes is a bit like trigger point therapy, but they won’t go deep enough into the muscle to really be trigger point therapy.

Missing from the new table is a chrome plated main shaft.  This is an obvious cost reduction, but Teeter had always touted the chrome plated main shaft with their previous tables.  Really, it may not be such a big deal.  The advantage of the chrome plating is that the finish will not wear off as the shaft is adjusted for different user heights (chrome is an extremely hard finish).  If only one person will be using the table (or more than one persons of similar height), then the shaft will never be adjusted and wear is not a concern.  To some, the non-chrome shaft may look a bit nicer.

Bottom line is that you really can’t go wrong with either the EP-550 or the newly designed EP-560.  They are currently the same price, so consider the manner in which your feet are secured and the importance of accessories and a chrome main shaft when deciding between the two.  After all the consideration, you will end up with a very high quality table and your back will thank you for getting it whether you go with the 550 or 560.

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