The Dangers To Never Exercising

The domino effect.

The overall health and wellness that we experience throughout our lifetime is based on various factors.  These factors are our physical, emotional, mental and spiritual states of being.   One of the most important elements however that help make up the physical factor is fitness and exercise.  There does exist great dangers to never exercising.  Our bodies were meant to be active not sedentary.  Living an active and fit lifestyle not only leads to physical health and satisfaction but also plays a role in helping us to master our emotional, mental and spiritual states of health.  It’s kind of the first domino in the great domino effect.

Cause and effect.

When we neglect to keep our bodies healthy through proper fitness and exercise, we in turn put them in danger of sickness and disease.  If we choose to live a sedentary lifestyle, it will certainly affect the future outcome of our life.  It will directly affect our cardiac health, respiratory health as well as our gastrointestinal and urogenital health.  It can also indirectly affect our emotional and mental health, leaving us in a state of self-disgust, despair and with little hope.  It’s truly amazing how such little decisions such as to exercise or not can lead to such extensive and widespread outcomes.   When it comes to cause and effect involving the decision to exercise, make it a positive one and experience an overwhelming feeling of overall health and wellness.

The unhealthy state of being.

If we choose to never exercise we can look forward to a short life inflicted with sickness and disease.  Those that chose to be couch potatoes, living a non-active and sedentary lifestyle generally are unhealthy, unhappy and unsatisfied with life itself.  Living the couch potato lifestyle can lead to complications of the heart such as high blood pressure, high cholesterol, clogged arteries and enlarged heart.  Being sedentary can lead to restricted lung volumes, causing cases of pneumonia or other lung damage.  Never exercising can lead to bowel and constipation issues, causing us to feel bloated and sick.  There are even dangers that can affect our ability to properly urinate, possibly leading to bladder as well as kidney infections.  Another great danger to not exercising is the eventual effect that it will have on our mental and emotional health.  This alone can land us in what we might think as a place where there is no return, so we give in and dig ourselves into a deeper hole of self-disgust and repulsion.  Never exercising can truly lead to an overall unhealthy state of being.

There is hope yet.

There is hope yet.  Getting back on track slowly with proper diet and nutrition choices, proper fitness and exercise choices as well as a balanced lifestyle can give us a glimmer of hope.  Maybe even finding a life coach will help through the process.  Never give up and never give in.  And remember the importance of exercise, even if it’s getting up and walking around, that alone is a great start.  Even though there are great dangers to never exercising, there are even greater benefits to exercising.  It truly is worth the time and effort.