Top Five Ways to Stay Healthy

Many people hear the word healthy and shudder. We all know the importance of maintaining our health, but doing it is another thing all together. The good news is that by taking a few simple steps and making small changes to our life, we can minimize harmful behaviors. Here, we will explore five ways to stay healthy.

Sleep the right amount of hours

Many people do not realize how important sleep is for staying healthy. Not getting enough sleep can lead to lack of concentration as well as increased anxiety, which can cause other health issues. The average person should get between seven to nine hours of sleep each night with eight being the optimum amount.

Annual checkups and health screenings

One of the best things a person can do to stay healthy is to make sure they visit their doctor once a year for a physical. This will allow you the chance to discuss any health concerns with your doctor, and be tested for conditions like high cholesterol and blood pressure. Health screenings can help detect cancer when it is in its early and most treatable stage. Therefore, even if you feel fine it is a good idea to have a health screening, especially if you are older.


It is important to exercise regularly. Many people think that the only way to exercise is to do something until you can barely move, but exercise can be something as little as taking a short walk just two nights a week. Anything that gets you moving will help keep your lungs and heart healthy. Furthermore, any exercise is better than not doing any, so do not feel like you have to start by running a marathon, just ease yourself into it.

Avoid smoking and drinking

Smoking and drinking are obviously not good for your health. If you are currently a smoker talk to your doctor or find a local program to help you quit. Alcohol consumption can damage both the liver and the pancreas. It is okay to drink every so often, but only in moderation.

Taking the right supplements

Another way to stay healthy is to use a supplement such as the maqui berry super food. The maqui berry is high in antioxidants that can help alleviate the risk of many diseases, especially those that involve inflammation.

Do maqui berries work? The short answer is yes. The maqui berry is considered a super-food because of its health benefits. The berries have been used for centuries by the people of Chile and are currently being introduced throughout the world because of their strong positive effect on diseases.

Steve is a fitness and health adviser and also a writer, he likes to write about health products related to health and well-being which can be useful to any individual.