Simple Reminders for Post-Baby Weight Loss

Now that you have successfully given birth to a bouncing baby boy or girl, the next thing you want to do is to lose weight.  Just remember that losing weight should not be done drastically.  Otherwise, you will only be putting your health at risk. You need to keep your body in shape so that you will be healthy enough to take care of your fast-growing child.  The following are some helpful reminders to serve as your guide in your post-baby weight loss regimen:

Give your body enough time to recover.

Don’t get too excited about starting on a diet.  Wait until you are done with your sixth week post-partum checkup. Give yourself enough time to recover.  Remember that you have been through to a lot from the labor and delivery that you had. However, if you are breastfeeding you need to wait for your baby to turn two months old before starting with your diet plan.

Keep a realistic goal.

There are women who find it hard to get back to their pre-pregnancy shape.  This is why you need to accept the possibility that you may not be able to get back to the exact weight that you had prior to your pregnancy.  Do not get disappointed if, after weeks of your weight loss regimen you still have a larger waistline or a wider hip.  This goes to say that you need to set realistic goals for your weight loss regimen.  You must set proper expectations for yourself so that you will not end up feeling frustrated.

Start with simple exercises.

Do not jump off to a highly-strenuous exercise soon after your doctor gives you a go-signal about starting your exercise regimen. You can start with brisk walking early in the morning.  You may also start playing your favorite sports such as tennis or badminton.  You may also indulge in swimming.  These aerobic exercises will help you stay in shape while reducing your vulnerability to parental stress and anxiety. You may also try some exercises that target your belly.  This way, you can easily burn those belly fats and slip into your jeans all over again. If possible, ask for an advice from your doctor or a fitness instructor regarding the type of exercise that will best suit your condition.

Watch out on the food that you eat.

A healthy diet is crucial especially now that you have your baby to take care of.  It does not matter whether you are breastfeeding or not.  You need to eat nutritious foods to stay healthy.  You cannot afford to get sick now or else your baby’s health will be put at risk, too.  The following are some helpful tips for your post-baby weight loss diet:

  • Your daily diet must mainly consist of fruits, vegetables and whole grain foods. These are the kind of foods that are high in fiber that helps you feel fuller for a longer period of time. Besides, these foods are rich sources of nutrients that are essential for your health.
  • Avoid starvation.  Some women choose to starve themselves in an effort to lose weight fast. However, this habit will certainly pose some serious risks to your health.  Better opt for frequent eating of smaller portions.  This is better compared to not eating for several hours and go for binge eating when you are already starved.
  • Stay away from junk foods.  If eating junk foods were prohibited during your pregnancy, the same is true today.  As mentioned earlier, you need to take care of your health now because you already have a child who depends on you for all kinds of support.

You need to lose weight in a natural and healthy way.  Avoid those weight loss pills that promise to “quickly” bring back your pre-pregnancy shape again.  These diet pills will only do you more harm than good.  Stick to what is natural and healthy.  This way, you will be able to enjoy your parenthood without any side effects to endure.

About the Author:

Ryan Rivera used to suffer from anxiety attacks for seven years.  He now advocates healthy living as the best weapon against anxiety and depression.