Moving to Stop the Smoking!

Lessening your impulse to light up could get easier by adding a bit of exercise in your life. People with depression have a more difficult time of quitting and can smoke around twice as much as someone without depression. Those with depression, or another type of mental illness are more likely to pick up a cigarette anyways.

Studies have found that exercising, like taking a brisk walk, will reduce withdrawal symptoms and help your body to produce more of the “feel good” hormones. In the future, researchers hope to use exercise in the treatment of both depression and stopping smoking, but more research needs to be done. The discoveries could bring about an easier way for those with depression to quit with the cigs.

Staying Healthy on the Road



Traveling at any point in the year is a great excuse to simply give into relaxation and fast food. It may feel relaxing for the time being but the result and the recovery could be catastrophic. Many people don’t even think about the consequences of such actions. Whether it is a vacation or business trip, our minds are sort of programmed to believe fun or business will take up too much time.

Making a commitment to exercise while traveling will have more benefits than letting it slide. Continue a workout routine to keep getting your body in shape. Working out while traveling also gives you the boost of endorphins that your body produces. You will be able to feel better naturally and be able to enjoy a vacation all the more or have a better focus in a business meeting. Here are a few things to remember when desiring to exercise while on the road:

1.       Make a commitment – Making a promise to yourself and keeping it is very important here. Taking the opportunity to keep yourself healthy, even when you are “taking a break” from everything else in your daily life not only boost your health but your confidence as well.

2.       Make it constant – One of the ways to ensure that you will work out is to plan ahead. Give yourself a schedule. Setting aside a time each day to exercise even with a busy schedule will keep at least on part of your life constant while you are away from home. A good rule to follow is to never skip more than one session. Skipping something more than once makes it all that much easier to do it again and to get back on track

3.       Make an effort – Eating more than fast food while on the road will take some conscious effort and possibly extra planning. When it’s possible, choose to eat items with proteins and veggies. Obviously, time and travel are unpredictable and sometimes unhealthy food is the only option available. Make an effort the next you eat to make up for it, or pack healthy snacks until you can find something better.  Also, take extra care of your intake of fatty foods if you plan on drinking while out.

There will always be struggles to overcome in any workout regime and working out while traveling is no different. Making the decision is to do so is the first step in any workout routine.

Total Body Toning- Office Workout

Total Body Toning- Office Workout

For those of you who work in an office like me, it is hard to remember to stay active throughout the day. Take a few minutes of a break each day to work on toning your body with this office workout by Denise Austin.

5 Reasons to Drink Coffee before Working Out


Coffee is a part of millions of people’s morning routines. Working out is also something that people strive for in the morning. If you would combine the two and have a cup of Joe before a morning exercise, you could have a weight loss advantage.

Caffeine can offer plenty of benefits to your workouts as it is its own superfood. Let’s take a look at some of the advantages for coffee before working out.

Improved Circulation – Recent studies in Japan discovered that drinking a 5 once cup of coffee experienced a 30 percent increase in blood flow for over an hour. It goes without being said, the better the blood flow, the more oxygen for your workouts.

Decreased Pain – Studies at the university of Illinois observed those who consumed two to three cups of coffee an hour before a high-intensity workout. During the workout, they experienced a reduced amount of perceived muscle pain and they were able to push a little bit harder to get better results in muscle strength and endurance.

Improved Memory – Research shows that drinking caffeine improves long term memory for up to 24 hours.

Muscle Preservation – Caffeine also helps to reduce the loss muscle strength in aging. Major effects were found in the protection of the diaphragm and skeletal muscle.

Fuel for Muscles – Drinking coffee along with eating carbs gives more endurance than just carbs alone. Having both will raise levels of glycogen, energy stored for strength moves and endurance during a workout, up to 66 percent.



Remember, it is important not to overdo it. The recommended amount of caffeine for enhancing performance is about 6 mg per kg of body weight, or about a 16 ounce cup of coffee for a 150lb woman. Try to incorporate it in healthier ways than just adding creamer and sugar by adding almond milk or blending it into a smoothie. Keep a steady, regular intake so that your body adjusts and don’t forget that water should always be the main drink of the day.

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Stamina Outdoor Equipment – Take the workout outside!



Outdoor Fitness


Outdoor Fitness Equipment

Some people will automatically go to a gym for a workout. Others prefer to take a different approach and move their workout to an outdoor environment. So, if two people chose similar workouts, one was inside and one was outside, would their really be a difference? Studies actually suggest that taking your workout outdoors has more benefits than taking a trip to the gym.

What are the benefits?

Being outside offers a substantial amount of more mental health benefits than being in an indoor gym. A green, sunny environment is found to be more inspiring for people, causing them to look forward to a session of exercise rather than dread it. Being out in a natural environment reduces tension and negative moods such as anger, confusion and depression. Those who have worked out outdoors also have lower levels of cortisol – a stress related hormone – than those who have worked out in a gym.

You move differently when you are outdoors. Different air pressure, wind and changes in terrain present a resistance causing you to flex your body in ways that you normally wouldn’t when indoors. Spending time exercising outside also raises the tendency for someone to exercise longer and more often. Adding some sunshine into your fitness routine also increases your intake of vitamin D and may be helpful to lose weight.

Stamina Products – Taking Your Workouts Outside

With all of these benefits in mind, it is hard not to see that working out in the open air is better for you. Stamina Products has taken this idea and has created a line of products built to be an attractive alternative to the gym.

The Stamina Outdoor Fitness products are created to withstand weather and time. Each piece of equipment has heavy gauge, stainless steel hardware covered in chip and corrosion resistant, and UV protected paint for maximum resilience to outdoor elements. Each product looks sleek and attractive in any yard or fitness trail.

Stamina Products has put in the time and effort to make sure that they offer the best workout experience someone could ask for. The four outdoor fitness equipment products are constructed for individual preferences so that you can make your workout the most enjoyable expirience and accurate for your fitness goals.

The moment you realize you want a better environment to build a better you, keep in mind that the outdoors are the place to be. Bringing the gym to your backyard permanently brings with it the physical and mental benefits you could never receive at a gym. Stamina Products makes for a simple, attractive and favorable solution.

Stamina Outdoor Fitness Products


  • Strider – for low-impact cardiovascular workout


  • Bench – to help lose weight, burn calories, build full body strength


  • Power Tower – for body sculpting with a focus on chest, abs, back and arms

power tower

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