AeroPilates Featured on The Doctors TV (Video)

AeroPilates on The Doctors TV Show

Dr. Sears from The Doctors TV show demonstrates a Stamina AeroPilates Reformers. Its great to see such a great workout discussed on this show. We have known for years that Pilates is extremely effective in improving core strength and flexibility as well as overall fitness.  Comments during the segment such as “working out should not feel like work” and about the low impact effective workout are spot-on.  Enjoy the clip below.

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Pilates was originally designed by Joseph Pilates in the 1930s and 1940s as a body conditioning training method to build endurance in the legs, arms, hips, abs, and back. Two books were published my Mr. Pilates in 1934 and 1945 that formed the basis of what we know as “Pilates” today. Later, in the 1980s, the principles of Pilates were defined by Gail Eisen and Philip Friedman in the book The Pilates Method of Physical and Mental Conditioning. These principles were defined as Concentration, Control, Center, Flow, Precision, and Breathing. These six principles have become widely adopted by the Pilates community.

Equipment such as Stamina AeroPilates reformers were designed with the core principles of Pilates in mind. What makes AeroPilates reformer unique (and highly effective & fun) is the integration of a rebounder. Not only does the addition of a rebound make the workout more effective by adding a cardio component, it also makes it much more engaging. This specific style of reformer has been embraced by both Pilates professionals and enthusiasts.

Find Out The Top 3 Foremost Benefits Of Doing Yoga

Yoga has been around for quite some time already where it was established in India, but it becoming more popular these days. The main focus of yoga is that it can help people to bring about and realize their state of well being on a regular basis. The study of yoga can aid every individual that are going to adapt it in order to honor their bodies and promote well-being and improve health. It can help you fall into a deep relaxation and it can generate happy and positive thoughts all throughout the day. It is becoming one of the main reasons why the numbers of yoga practitioners have nearly triple in the past few years.

Detoxifying The Body

One of the main benefits of doing yoga is that it can help the purpose of the body be well placed. It can facilitate the delivery of oxygen. During the time of a session, most yoga practitioners strictly follow stretches that can vary from easy to difficult and advanced. It all depends on how much time you have already been practicing yoga. This way, stretching can aid in making sure that every part of the body can have equal amount of oxygen needed because some parts are being deprived without a person knowing. Apart from that it can also help people release all the stress away from work and most people who do this are becoming more flexible with their body.

Breathing Good Spiritual Vibes

The power of yoga is more than skin deep. Some people may find yoga clichéd and a waste of time but it can also help people who are emotionally stressed. Yoga can do lots of things and can help people appreciate life more. They can teach people on how to breathe life and enjoy being alive. It can take away all the negative feelings such as hatred, jealousy and insecurity in a way that you can be able to say that you are so blessed with the things that you have and you should be okay with all of it in return. Yoga can give enlightenment to people that no aerobics or work out regimens can give their learner.

Bring About The Physical Strength

Yoga is harder than it looks and there are several levels that you have to complete before you can practically say that you have mastered it well. It helps the muscles in the body make stronger and one of the greatest things about them is that it can avoid the feeling of pain whenever an activity is put to end. There are different kinds of positions that should be followed which are not all that easy to do and by doing yoga; you can also have the chance to lose weight. Doing a few routines before heading off to work can help you make sure that there are in fact fats, calories and cholesterol being shed off with the amount of time you have put in with your instructor.

There is more to yoga than meets the eye and it is more than just an exercise because there are a couple of benefits that it can give to people. Putting in some money into performing yoga is indeed not a waste of money at all but rather a good deal.

Shaina was just a yoga practitioner back in the year 2000 when she was based in the UK. She is now working and has a studio for herself where she handles both men and women who want to try out yoga. She is a devotee with the kind of practice that she has today and she does not consider being an instructor a job but a hobby because she loves what she’s doing. She has also written many articles on fitness and Yoga. Visit her site to read her writings.

Breathing the 405: Serious Health Risks from LA Traffic

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City in the Cloud ...?

Nearly every major area in America has its own unique environmental problems, from factories and power plants to contaminated lakes and rivers. But Los Angeles offers an important look at the way pollution is affecting public health simply because there are so many cars on the road. Los Angeles has the worst traffic in America, and it’s second only to Belgium as the worst in the world. Drivers spend around 60 hours a year stuck in congestion, and the problem isn’t a lack of roads. According to Environmental Health Sciences, at least half of the population of LA lives within one mile of a freeway, and the consequences of this exposure have been acute. Birth defects, chronic conditions in children, increased cancer risks, and heart attacks all result from bad air quality. The 405 at rush hour can not only ruin your day, it may literally be able to kill you.

Risks to Pregnant Women and Children

Pregnant women who are exposed to traffic pollution gain a 12 percent greater chance of developing preeclampsia, a serious condition that raises the blood pressure and can lead to seizures during pregnancy if not treated. It also puts them at serious risk for low birth weight and birth defects. Breathing in carbon monoxide while pregnant increases the baby’s chance of brain disorders and spina bifida, and it also means the child has a much greater chance of developing asthma. USC researchers have also linked pollution to autism, claiming a mother that lives within 300 meters of a freeway is twice as likely to give birth to autistic children. A disproportionally high number of young children in LA have asthma, and particles from cars and trucks affect their respiratory and pulmonary health early on. 90 schools in the greater Los Angeles area are too close to freeways, and many of them feature classrooms equipped with air filters and refuse to let the children play outside on days with particularly bad air quality. But the attempts to limit exposure to emissions may not be enough.

There's pregnant ... and then there's *really* pregnant

Traffic and Lung Function

Long-term exposure to traffic fumes can directly impact the way a child’s lungs develop, literally making it harder to breathe in and out. But nitrogen oxides and particulate matter also cause an increase in lung cancer in adults, and pollution is said to be one of the major reasons there are more lung cancer patients than ever who have never been smokers. Today, 160,000 people die of lung cancer every year, and 60 percent of diagnosed cases are in people who have quit smoking or never once picked up a cigarette. In the European Study of Cohorts for Air Pollution Effects, which tracked participants in nine countries for 13 years, researchers discovered that for every 5 micrograms per cubic meter of pollution, lung cancer risk shot up 18 percent. The most polluted cities in America are all in Southern California, including LA, Fresno, Merced, and Bakersfield. Most lung cancer patients in LA were exposed to PAH pollutants, which are formed by the incomplete combustion of wood, coal, and diesel.

What smog?.JPG

Pollution and Heart Disease

Much has been written about the increasing risks of heart disease in America, but scientists are only now beginning to recognize that traffic pollution may play as least as big of a role as obesity. According to a study published by the Public Library of Science, pollution actually increases the thickening of arteries that supply blood to the head and heart. Short-term exposure to pollution can aggravate an already-existing heart condition and cause heart attacks, which is why Los Angeles County sees an increase in hospitalizations and death on days with the most smog. It can also cause strokes, arrhythmias, and heart failure, especially in elderly patients. Doctors also believe pollution plays a part in high blood pressure and diabetes, which are the main indicators of a heart condition developing. Medical professionals at Health Testing Centers have seen an increase in diseases facing factory workers, dockworkers, and others who are exposed to fumes on a daily basis. Heart disease is the number one killer of men and women in America, and it’s estimated someone dies of a heart condition every 33 seconds.

Los Angeles is an amazing city where thousands of people move every month to take advantage of the great weather, cultural diversity, and wealth of opportunity. But the many advantages of the city come with at least one major disadvantage – America’s most congested highways. The world is waking up to the importance of protecting against diseases caused by pollution, and LA is a perfect place to start.

Author Karen Alton blogs for testing centers where diagnostic and routine medical testing are performed. Follow her on Twitter @HTCKarenA.

The paleolithic platter to stay healthy and fit

Evolution is a natural process and an inevitable happening. Though from the neolithic and paleolithic age, human race has progressed into what we are today, little changes have happened in our body structure and bodily functioning. When new age eating and living habits are considered to be the root of all diseases and bodily injuries happening to us, we are forced to look back to the days when there were less diseases and more healthy communities. This looking back has brought in newer insights on better and improved diets and eating habits that can foster health and fitness without having to forgo tasty food.


The magic diet


The paleolithic diet or the paleo diet as it is popularly known is a walk back into the prehistoric days. It is an attempt to mimic the eating habits of the caveman, as science convinces us that no major change has been brought ever since in our digestive system. The paleo diet aims to eat what the cavemen ate by hunting and plucking from the dense forests he dwelled in. It does not ask us to make our platter free of meat, fish or nuts. Only whole grains, cereals and dairy products have to be left out from our daily food. In short, if the caveman didn’t have it then, you can’t have it now. And if he did, you too can, Simple as that.


The paleo diet not only promises toned down bodies, but it also ensures better health and a muscular body by just eating right. Though the word diet accompanies paleo, it does not advocate staying hungry. Paleo diet is all about eating until you are full and content. The trick is to avoid all those food that are cultivated by humans. Before settling down and civilizing, agriculture was not rampant and whole grains and cereals were not part of the human diet. It is this practice of having included whole grains and their products into our diets that caused obesity and overweight a common menace or an unavoidable evil among humans.


What to avoid


A no sugar diet is the key to a healthy lifestyle. When people switched to diets with no sugar or no processed food substances, it was found to work miracles on their health too. The whole grains and cereals are sources of sugar which gets converted into fat instantly. If these are omitted, the chance of fat development in our bodies reduces considerably. The sugars available from fruits do no harm and the best source of body sugar content.


Grains and cereals are also providers of huge amounts of carbohydrates which is not necessary for the functioning of the human body. Cutting out on the carbohydrates can therefore do no harm and in turn it only serves good. When there is less carbohydrate intake, there is less glucose content in our blood. This means more fat should be burned ensuring a muscular body and improved fitness.


The same is with the dairy products. Only humans consume dairy products all their life. No other species of animals consume milk after a certain level of growth. Human body is not suited for this intake and staying away from it can do no harm but only good.


Eat well


Paleo diet encourages the eating of meat, vegetables, fruits, leaves, oils, eggs, nuts and tubers till your hunger is quenched and you are full. This diet regime has been finding wide spread acceptance all over the world and has had good results on its serious practitioners. So, instead of staying hungry and foolish by depending on difficult diet regimes, eat till your stomach and heart is filled and stay healthy and fit even then. Which sounds better???


To read more on great breakfast ideas and to learn some tasty Paleo Breakfast Recipes visit

The Top 16 Ways of Losing Weight in a Healthy Way

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There are various ways of losing weight fast. But there are only a handful of them that help you shed those extra kilos in a healthy way. Before you begin your routine to lose weight, make sure that you know what is good for your body and what is not. And never go on starvation regimes! They will break down your fat deposits in an unhealthy manner. You will lose weight but fall ill at the same time. Here are the top 16 ways of losing weight in a healthy way:

  • Brisk walking or running in the morning is a great idea to lose weight. You will improve your cardio strength in the process as well. A brisk walk of about 30 minutes or running for 20 minutes daily will help you a lot.
  • Ask some like-minded people around you to join you in the weight losing program. Meet up as you would do when you hang out together. Except that in this case, your hang out zone is not a pub but a gym!
  • Improvise with weights to make exercise routines more fun! If you have toddlers and kids around, lift them up and play with them as weights! They will love it and you will enjoy working out as well.
  • If not a group, get a partner to tag along. Your spouse or a family member or even a close friend is an excellent choice to be your weight loss partner. The idea is to have someone to keep track of your progress and vice versa.
  • Schedule your weight loss program and stick to it. If you are not planned for the program, you will end up wasting time in unproductive ways. Chalk out a training program well in advance so that you know what you have to do.
  • Utilize time spent in front of the TV. Instead of vegetating on the couch, try working out while watching shows or movies.
  • Monetize your effort! Attaching money tags on shorter deadlines along the way can be excellent motivating factors. Place bets with a close friend and when you knock off the kilos you bet on, take money or give away when you fail.
  • Appoint weight loss trainers around you. Their job is to push you when you fail to hit the gym or feel motivated enough to work out.
  • Use steps instead of elevators in the office or the shopping mall. You will definitely lose quite a few kilos if you do this persistently.
  • Share your weight loss results with others who take an active interest in your losing fat. Your can email them photos of the weighing scale on a weekly basis to validate your progress.
  • Make workouts romantic! Why not a gym date or a running-together-time with that special someone? The idea is to have fun while you do the needful to lose weight. It will also take the ‘punishment’ factor out of the workouts.
  • Dance if you know how to. There is no better way to shed calories than getting up and dancing to your favorite music.
  • Pinch out time between daily engagements to do push-ups and sit-ups.
  • Break up long workout routines in small intervals so that you can manage time better. After all, you have other things to do as well!
  • Get a professional trainer even if that costs more money. You need someone to push you in the right way. Don’t hire just about anybody!
  • Organize something in the neighborhood with other weight loss enthusiasts.

Author Bio: Ryan Clark is a writer and blogger dealing in weight loss and health routines.