Are Exercise Balls Evil?

Are Exercise Balls Evil?

Probably not. Perhaps there should be some screening before allowing people to use these things!

That said, maybe a small trampoline would be better for your low impact exercise. Kind of like the rebounders at Better Health Innovations

10 Minute Interesting Facts – 10 Minute Workout


How long do you spend exercising? If I told you that you could get your cardio and power sculpting done in one intense workout that only lasted 10 minutes would you believe me? It can be done, there are a number of routines that work lets go through the steps to get it done. You need 2 five pound dumbbells. [Read more...]

What NOT To Do With A Needak Rebounder (or any rebounder!)

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We constantly preach how rebounding is a safe form of exercise. In fact, many of our staff members use a  Rebounder on a daily basis.

Well, have a look at this:

Was that a Needak Rebounder in the video?  I think it might be, and if you watch carefully, the rebounder didn’t fail.  Check out this screen shot:

needak rebounder on blocks?

Looking at that picture, all that goes through my mind is “boy, something really bad is about to happen.”  Notice the blocks and what looks like longer replacement legs of some sort.

Can Watching The Super Bowl Kill You?

Super Bowl Can Kill You
Here in Western Pennsylvania we all want our Steelers to win this Sunday, but I didn’t know that our lives may depend on it! It turns out that we may be 15% (men) to 27% (women) more likely to have a heart attack if our team looses.
I have lived all over the United States.In 1997 and 1998, I working in Wisconsin when the Packers went to the Superbowl. In 2009 I was working in Pittsburgh, and I still live less than an hour from the city. I have to say, Pittsburgh and Green Bay fans are the most passionate I have ever seen, and if there is a risk of increase heart attack rates, this is the year.
The study below from USC warns [Read more...]

Worthless Exercise Equipment – Top 10 List

Article from our friend Jena. It’s a good read with a bunch of video as well of exercise equipment scams from the past few years. All these do are exercise your wallet!

One thing I think is hilarious about these gadgets is that usually the original is a well made (although with questionable effectiveness) piece of equipment. Then a few years or months later a bunch of copy-cat products flood the market that are both ineffective and break after a few uses.

Please let us know if any were missed by commenting below!

You want to lose weight? Eat right and exercise. That’s really it. It takes work, but the plan itself is so basic that most people look for alternatives that promise quick results. As a result, dozens of new machines are made and marketed every year to desperate people willing to pay high prices in the hopes of finding an easy way to drop pounds and firm up. But as the man said, short cuts make long delays, and most of these gadgets are wastes of time and money. The ones on this list, though, are the [Read more...]