Thumper VMTX Massager Review

Thumper VMTX Massager Review

Just released, the Thumper VMTX is an all new percussive massager that is unlike anything on the market. Using a single sphere, this massager provides a deep therapeutic massage.  The unit may be used in either one person or two person massage.  Watch the video for the complete review.

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Hello everybody. Here is the new Thumper VMTX Massager. This is really something completely new from Thumper Massager that we find extremely interesting. We’ve tried it ourselves, and actually, we find it to be extremely effective. It was developed by Thumper, the leaders in massage therapy. They’ve developed this model along with some leading chiropractors in their area; right where they design and manufacture, outside of Toronto, Canada.

This is a single node massager, cycles between 20 and 40 cycles per second, it has an adjustment knob to make that adjustment of cycles per second on the top. And what’s interesting, is that you slip your hand in and you can tighten it down a little bit with these Velcro straps but for gravity alone, and it fits right in your palm. You can guide it on yourself or on a patient simply by moving your hand very, very intuitive. You can put a little bit more pressure with your fingertips, but the intent, really, and hopefully you can pick this up on the video in this review, is that you can use it as kind of a cantilever effect, where you put the base down onto the patient, lightly, and then you push on that front node, really to get into specific muscle groups where there’s a problem, where there’s tightness, or where there’s soreness; this can really push right in there.

And I have, for comparison, a Thumper Sport here. This is a great unit as well; very similar to the Mini Pro 2, and the Thumper Sport, when you hold it relies on the weight of the head. This weight of the head is going to be on top of the muscle group. You’re not going to put any pressure on it whatsoever, and just let the weight of the head do the work. Of course, there’s two massage nodes instead of the one on the VMTX. In comparison though, the VMTX only weighs 4 lbs., but when we’ve tried it, it does have sufficient weight, we can get into the patient or into yourself, and if you want, you can apply a little bit more pressure to get it in there.

It comes with three different massage heads. It comes with a hard, dome-shaped head, which I have attached to the unit now. Also comes with another dome-shaped unit, which is a softer, rubber-typed material. And also comes with a pointed hard plastic head to really get into those pressure points; really get into those muscle groups. Also comes with a carry bag.

The VMTX is available nowat Have a look at this really groundbreaking massager. And of course, everybody, have a great day.

How a Memphis Hospital is Teaming Up With Churches to Help Disadvantaged Community Members

First Evangelical Church

Memphis, TN has the unfortunate distinction of being the poorest metropolitan area in the country, according to data from the United States Census. Additionally, lack of income is compounded by unwise lifestyle choices and difficulty in accessing healthcare. The state’s governor has launched an initiative appropriately called “Healthier Tennessee,” but assistance is also coming from another source: Churches.

First Evangelical Church

Medical Outreach to Congregation Members

The Methodist Le Bonheur Healthcare System is the largest health provider in Memphis, and it has found success by creating the Congregational Health Network, or CHN. According to the hospital’s website, the CHN is fueled by more than five hundred area churches that have become committed to partnering with the hospital to make sure congregation members understand how to receive necessary care. The goal is to blend science with faith, so that each facet relies on the other to educate churchgoers.

Two Tiers of Team Members

A group of people called “navigators” are partially responsible for making the program run smoothly. They are paid hospital employees tasked with ensuring there’s a consistent quality of care given at each participating congregation. Another group of individuals called “liaisons” supplement that role by voluntarily finding people in their respective churches and filling them in about what sorts of services are available to people in need of health treatments or guidance. According to an article published by Fierce Healthcare, the second group of people have a twofold role that involves promoting overall health at respective churches, and also specifically reaching out to people who are ailing.

An Emotional Safety Net During Frightening Times

View of St. Mary's Cathedral from Orleans St.

The CHN works on the concept that when a person requires hospital care, he or she may be feeling uncertain and unaware of where to turn for help. In some cases, that kind of isolation may mean a person avoids seeking healthcare at all. However, once someone gets linked up with a person involved in CHN, he or she will receive a membership card designed to be presented at the hospital, much like proof of insurance. That action kicks off events designed to support the ill person during all stages of recovery. One includes letting a church’s liaison and congregation members know about the illness so they can pray for a full and efficient recovery, visit the person in the hospital and support him or her through the challenging emotions that often spring up when a someone is sick.

Practical Information

After a person is discharged, someone from the CHN will meet up with her to discuss the next steps. Sometimes that might mean outlining the correct home care strategies so each step of the process is easy to understand. In other cases, the CHN may have existing resources that align with a person’s particular need and a navigator or liaison team member can explain how to benefit from them.

A Noticeable Impact

An article published by Salon says that so far, more than 16,000 people have signed up for the CHN. In addition, the CHN program costs about one million dollars to run per year yet saves the hospital about four times that amount. Perhaps most significant is the change in patient statistics related to the number of days spent out of the hospital after a discharge. On average, CHN members spend 426 days out of the hospital, whereas that number decreases to 306 for non-members.

Since many of the CHN volunteers are around the same ages as the congregation members they help, and may even be facing similar health issues, it makes sense why the CHN program could have a powerful influence upon the wellbeing of Memphis residents, especially as time passes and more people become aware of the program.

Brett Harris writes blogs for several healthcare institutes to promote awareness of available services. A Top 10 online masters in healthcare administration degree can get you into a career in great demand.

The Best Reason To Buy a Thumper Massager

The Best Reason To Buy a Thumper Massager

Well, maybe not the “best” reason to buy a Thumper Massager. After all, these are the best massagers on the market today for effective percussive massage that gets right to aches, pains, and tight muscles.

Watch the video for details, but what we are doing at Better Health Innovations is that you can now purchase any Thumper Massager with a 90 day absolutely risk-free trial. What this means is that you can use the unit for up to 90 days, and in the unlikely event you don’t like it, simply return for a full refund. We even pay the shipping back to us!

It’s crazy, but there is a method to our madness. We have sold thousands of these machines, and understand how well they delight our customers. These are quality units made near Toronto, Canada with excellent workmanship and reliability. You simply cannot go wrong with a Thumper Massager, especially with this new offer, which is exclusive to Better Health Innovations.

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3 Ways I Brought My Weight under Control for Good

For full disclosure, I was never an ‘’overweight’’ person. Rather, at one point in my life, I found myself packing on the pounds and weighed much more than normal. I felt unhealthy and knew that I was making poor choices, based on lame excuses. A firm determination to turn things around started me on a road to healthier living. My weight returned to normal, I relieved myself of the guilt and other negative emotions that came along with my little health hiccup, and I made a renewed commitment to living well. Here are three helpful tips that worked for me, and I am confident they will work for you too.

Making Little Changes Motivated Me to Make Bigger Ones

One of the hardest things about losing weight is shifting our deeply ingrained habits and becoming more aware of our eating behaviors. Our desire to want everything ‘’yesterday’’ often inspires drastic changes which will inevitably lead to failure. In theory, sure, we can turn this around in an instant. But, if we possessed that level of will power and that strong a mind, we probably would not be facing weight problems in the first place.

So, we need to approach the situation with a strategy that will increase chances of long-term success and change. I found that making little changes showed me what I was capable of, and it motivated me to keep going and stepping up my health game as I went along. Maybe I would forgo the bread that came at the beginning of the meal, or actually stop eating when I felt full rather than feeling compelled to finish every bite. Instead of buying that candy bar on a whim, I told myself I would eat the fruit at home for dessert instead. These seemingly small choices send a strong message—a message that says you are capable of taking control of your health.

Realizing It Was Okay to Still Eat for Pleasure

I eat a pretty healthy diet, I must say. But, I still enjoy plenty of foods that that are considered ‘’unhealthy.’’ I sometimes like to have a piece of cake for dessert that is undoubtedly loaded with sugar and saturated fat; I will get a craving for Reeses’ peanut butter cups and I simply cannot resist. Italian food is a weakness, and I love me some ravioli with a nice, creamy sauce. Eating is not just about survival. It can be a pleasurable activity and there is nothing wrong with that. I know there are people who have sworn off sugar and processed carbohydrates forever, and I deeply admire them. I am not sure this is absolutely necessary, and by releasing guilt over liking to eat these foods sometimes, I stopped depriving myself of things I felt like I should never eat. Not a fan of absolutes. When we allow ourselves to enjoy food, we develop a healthier relationship with it. When we get too strict, we are setting ourselves up for emotional eating binges.

Worked Physical Activity into My Daily Routine

When we think of exercise, we think of carving out formal sessions, like hitting the treadmill at the gym, or attending that Zumba class. When we experience a time-crunch, these activities fall by the wayside. It happens sometimes and that is okay. When I was my thinnest, I had not seen the inside of a gym in two years. Besides my shift in eating habits, simply being active in every day life helped me shed those pounds. I was traveling long-term at the time and I simply walked more. Instead of taking a taxi or subway, I walked. If the place was too far to walk the whole way, I walked part of the way before flagging down a taxi or hopping on the bus. During short visits home, I was without a car, so instead of waiting around to borrow someone’s, I walked to the supermarket or to the hair salon to get a trim. Even short bouts of a few minutes at a time add up. Take the 10 minute walk back and forth to the sandwich place you frequent every day—20 minutes right there. Instead of driving to the convenience store right down the street, walk. It does not seem like a lot but it adds up.

About the Author:Kelli Cooper is a freelance writer who enjoys blogging about all things health; if you are interested in experimenting with specific diet systems in the area, she recommends learning more about this Los Angeles HCG diet provider.

Airfree Air Purifiers – Review and Demonstration

Airfree Air Purifiers – Review and Demonstration

I have had an Airfree Air Purifier in my office for years now that has run trouble free. These are extremely misunderstood in how they function, and hopefully the video help clear things up. Basically, the Airfree unit brings air into a chamber that destroys viruses and bacteria with heat. This same heat is used to draw the air into the unit, so there is no fan, no filters, no UV bulb. Air is cooled before it leaves the unit so it will not raise the temperature of the room it is in.

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Here’s a video from the manufacturer that has recently put out that is worth watching.

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