Exercise as ADHD Medication



This morning, the medical journal Pediatrics has published a research article the found substantial evidence supporting that physical activity enhances cognitive performance and brain function. This is found to be true for all types of children, but there is an exponential decrease in symptoms in ADHD diagnosed children.

Improvements for inhibition, working memory and cognitive flexibility were found in the studies brain processing capacity during cognitive functions. Earlier studies have also found that a twelve week exercise program improved math and reading scores in all children but the most dramatic change was in those with signs of ADHD.

The serious threat of today’s society is the physical inactivity that is taking younger generations. The “pandemic” is responsible for around 10 percent of premature deaths. It also causes problems in scholastic performance, and eventual lack of economical and financial status, as those who are obese as teenagers will generally earn less of an income as an adult than those who are not obese.

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Is Exercise Bad for Your Teeth?

A recent study indicates that there is a connection between athletes and bad oral health. Even though it would seem like sports drinks and might have the most effect on dental health, there is no direct link to it. Participants, both athletic and non-athletic, had no major differences in their food consumption and its link to dental health.

What was different was the chemical make-up of the saliva in each volunteer during and after working out. As an athlete works out, the saliva produced greatly lessens and the mouth becomes drier. The chemical composition also shifted to more of an alkaline make-up. Excess alkalinity in saliva is thought to contribute to the development of plaque on teeth and other problems.

Although the study was small and short-term, the prolonged endurance training might be a risk for oral health. Continue reading the original article at nytimes.com.



In the never ending debate about salt in your diet, not many people try to consider a diet that purposefully includes salt. We need salt in our diet, so why are so many diets out there sodium free? It matters what kind of food you salt – salting healthy foods might do you some good!

11 States Now Confirm Enterovirus D68 cases

Until recently, the respiratory virus known as enterovirus D68 has been wreaking havoc across ten different states. The states of Alabama and Indiana have now been added to the list of confirmed cases.

It is true that most of the time any enterovirus may be recovered from without treatment, including this strand. The bad part is that this virus attacks young asthmatics in particular, causing breathing to become difficult and sending them to the hospital.

The virus has been noticed because of its severe attack on some people. It is difficult to track, however, due to the common cold symptoms that it causes.

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Ebola Transferred through the Air?

According to the director of the Center for Infectious Research and Policy at the University of Minnesota, the concern is growing that the Ebola virus could mutate enough to change its behavior in the human body.

Since the virus is an RNA virus, every time it copies itself, it makes on or two mutations. As of now, nothing of serious significance has changed in the virus, but it is possible that it is only a matter of time.

Even without becoming airborne, the virus has made significant leaps and bounds in overwhelming doctors’ and researchers’ effort to stop it. In only three weeks, the virus had made over 300 genetic changes in Sierra Leone, and no one is tracking the changes that the virus has made in the spread across Africa. It could mean that the virus is closer than experts think to being spreadable by coughing or sneezing.

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