Austin Air Purifier Noise Level Test and Demonstration

Austin Air Purifier Noise Level Test and Demonstration


One of the most frequent questions we get about any air purifier that we carry is how noisy is this thing. I want to do a noise demonstration with both the standard Austin Air unit and a junior unit.

Before I do let’s talk about how to use an air purifier. Typically we recommend that when you get your air purifier run it on the highest setting available for 24 to 48 hours. Let’s get that air changed over several times in your area, in your problem area, let’s get that changed over several times, and then put it on to a maintenance mode. Put it on either medium or low. Both these units, you can hear them. You can hear them on high. For absolute sure you can hear them on high. I think with the larger unit it’s actually fairly distracting because of the noise it generates. But on the lower levels, medium is more like a white noise in the background and low it’s barely audible.

What I’d like to do is to run both these machines, give you an idea of the different sound levels. It is a little bit difficult to do that in video. It depends on how loud you have your volume turned up. It depends on our microphones and stuff. What I’m going to do is I’m actually going to take it off my Lavalier mic which is pointed towards my voice and turn it over to a microphone that we have sitting about six to seven feet away from these two units. We’ll go ahead and do that. You might hear some changes in the audio quality when we do that but I want to get the purest sound too. We’re trying to do the best that we can to show you this. We’re going to start this off first with the larger standard unit. I’m going to put it on the highest setting and then just crank it back to the lowest setting. Here we go.

Okay, so as you can hear it is audible on the highest setting. You really can’t hear it too much if at all on the lowest setting. Then medium is between those two obviously. Let’s take a look at one of the juniors because it’s always an option instead of getting one of these you get a couple of these to put in different rooms. Let’s go take a look at that. Again, I’ll start with high.

There you have it. I didn’t notice as much of difference between high and medium on the junior as I do on the larger unit, but it’s the same thing. On the higher levels you can certainly hear it. On the low levels you typically have your air purifier in for a maintenance mode. That is very, very quiet. Certainly check out these units at We’ll put a link down there in the description below for you. Check them out if you have any question. Shoot us an email or give us a call if you like. As always have a great day.

What Are The Differences Between All These Austin Air Purifiers?

What Are The Differences Between All These Austin Air Purifiers?

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Which Austin Air air purifier should you buy? I have a standard size here and the smaller junior unit here, but within that, within either of these models there’s several different choices that you can make. One of the most popular is the Austin Air Healthmate. The Healthmate is a great general air purifier containing, in this case, 15 pounds of activated carbon, and with the smaller ones 7 pounds of activated carbon, but containing activated carbon granules which the air is filtered through. Great choice for allergies, for pets. If you have a mildew-smelling basement, it will get that stuff out. It’s the best general unit.

They also offer a Healthmate Plus. Now this Healthmate Plus has one feature which may or may not be important to you depending on your situation. It has potassium iodide impregnated into that carbon filter. What that does for you is it’s much more efficient at taking chemicals out of the air. So chemical smells or if you have multiple chemical sensitivity, certainly take a look at the Healthmate Plus.

Other models in their lineup, they have the Allergy Machine. The Allergy Machine has 60 feet of activated carbon military cloth. Basically it’s a cloth in there which contains activated carbon which the air is pushed through or pulled through there for cleanse the air. That’s best if you’re mostly concerned about getting a larger particulate such as pollen. If you’re an allergy sufferer, that unit is specifically designed for you.

The Pet Purifier, another Austin Air model, the Pet Purifier is specifically designed for pets. It’s very, very good at getting out pet dander, very good at getting rid of animal smells that may or may not be in your home.

Then the top level air purifier for Austin Air is the National Sleep Foundation Air Purifier. I understand that Austin Air spent some time getting a machine qualified for the National Sleep Foundation because their standards were extremely high. What you get with that unit is you get a five-stage filtration. It has both the activated carbon granules such as in the Healthmate, and it also has the impregnated carbon military cloth such as in the Allergy Machine. You’re getting the both of best worlds.

Now with any of these machines you get 60 square feet of HEPA filtration. They certainly meet or far exceed the HEPA standard. They are all made in the United States. They all have a five-year warranty. They all have a five-year warranty on the filters themselves. Exclusively through, if you purchase through us you have a ninety-day trial period, so if this machine isn’t working for you, no matter which one you try, you can return it. There’ll be no restocking fees whatsoever. If you want to order a different model in its place, that’s fine with us, too.

If you have any questions, click on the links below. Take a look at the lineup on Give us a call if you need to. As always, have a great day.

Vaccine for Dust Mite Allergies Developed

People who suffer from allergies to dust mites know that there is little to no relief during the worst times of year. The body reacts to the foreign substance and can cause difficulty breathing in about 45 percent of those who suffer from asthma.

Much of the treatments are temporary, such as using an inhaler or daily allergy medications, and others are pure misery. The patient is exposed to the source of irritant over an extended period of time in the hopes of building up tolerance, but there is no guarantee.

This new vaccine uses a booster to alter the inflammatory response to the allergens. For more on the vaccine and how it works, continue reading here.

September Asthma Survival

Asthma rates for children reach their peak in mid-September, according to experts’ studies. Children return to school and are exposed to new viruses and bacteria that can worsen asthma symptoms.

Another factor that can add to the problem is the fall allergen, ragweed. The switch of environments – from outdoors to indoor – and the change in temperature also may cause asthma symptoms to flare up.

This month, take greater care in preventing as much asthma aggravates as possible. Check to make sure inhalers and medications are up to date. Look into buying an air purification system to ensure clean air in your home environment. Talk to your doctor about avoiding asthma triggers and what to do when your child has an attack. You could never be too prepared for the threat of your child’s asthma.

Read more on how to survive the month without asthma flare ups!

Teeter Hang Ups EP-960 vs. Contour L5 Inversion Table Comparison

Teeter Hang Ups EP-960 Inversion Table
Teeter Hang Ups EP-960 Inversion Table

Teeter Hang Ups EP-960

We have been fielding questions about the differences between the Teeter EP-960 and Contour L5 Inversion tables lately, and thought we would publish a quick comparison between the two.


The Contour L5 is sold through retailers whose sales are primarily local (brick & mortar), while the EP-960 is sold through online and offline retailers.  It is not uncommon for B&M retailers to have access to exclusives.  This helps them compete against online merchants who frequently have better pricing due to their low overhead.  And with heavier items, such as an inversion table that weighs around 70 pounds, many consumers would prefer to have it delivered to their door rather than have to pick it up (especially for those with back pain).  Keep in mind while reading that Better Health Innovations carries the EP-960, but not the Contour L5.

Feature Comparison

The two inversion tables share the same bed design, foot clamping, and tether, which are critical parts of an inversion table.  So, back and foot comfort will be identical on either table.  In addition, operation of both tables is identical.

The L5 has a unique mechanism where the rotational speed (basically an adjustment for the center of gravity) of the table can be set with a dial.  On the EP-960, this must be set by removing the bed from the frame.  While this may seem important, the rotational speed setting is typically only set twice during the life of the table.  Having dealt with thousands of inversion table customers, and having used inversion tables ourselves, we have found that this is set once when the table is set up and maybe one more time once the user gets used to inversion (by speeding up the rotational adjustment).

The L5 sports a different frame design with a more curved look.  We will leave it up to you on the attractiveness of the table vs. the EP-960.  We have not had experience folding the L5, and we are not sure if the leg design would effect storage.  The EP-960 folds up very well.  Both tables accept the accessories that came out for the 60 series earlier this year.

Warranty is the same for both tables – 5 years on everything.  I am absolutely sure that the L5 has comparable quality to the EP-960 and other Teeter inversion tables.  Teeter doesn’t mess around with quality, and I have never seen a poorly design table from them.  Both tables carry the UL Mark and have passed UL certification testing.

Looking at the manual for the L5, assembly appears to be pretty much the same with the same components being pre-assembled (such as the frame and mainshaft)

Strangely, I cannot find any statements for money back if the table does not work for you.  With the EP series, Teeter offers a 30 day money back, allowing you to use the table for that period and return it used for a full refund.  On a side note, at Better Health Innovations, we extended that to 90 days, which I don’t believe anyone else is doing.  90 Days really gives you time to set up the table and give it a fair try.


Whether the rotation adjustment improvement and the leg design warrants a price tag $100 to $179 higher than the EP-960 is debatable.  Currently (subject to change with time), the EP-960 price is $399 at, which includes a 110% price guarantee.  Advertisements for the L5 indicate a $499 to $579 price tag.  If money were no object, you may consider it,  but even so, with the L5 it appears there is not a trial period and the BHI Inversion Coaching Program is not available.  From that perspective, you are actually getting less value for more money.   Based on this, I very much recommend the EP-960.

We have a lot more information about the EP-960 on (Click here for the EP-960) as well as the entire Teeter EP product line (Click here).