Teeter Hang Ups EP-960 vs. Contour L5 Inversion Table Comparison

Teeter Hang Ups EP-960 Inversion Table
Teeter Hang Ups EP-960 Inversion Table

Teeter Hang Ups EP-960

We have been fielding questions about the differences between the Teeter EP-960 and Contour L5 Inversion tables lately, and thought we would publish a quick comparison between the two.


The Contour L5 is sold through retailers whose sales are primarily local (brick & mortar), while the EP-960 is sold through online and offline retailers.  It is not uncommon for B&M retailers to have access to exclusives.  This helps them compete against online merchants who frequently have better pricing due to their low overhead.  And with heavier items, such as an inversion table that weighs around 70 pounds, many consumers would prefer to have it delivered to their door rather than have to pick it up (especially for those with back pain).  Keep in mind while reading that Better Health Innovations carries the EP-960, but not the Contour L5.

Feature Comparison

The two inversion tables share the same bed design, foot clamping, and tether, which are critical parts of an inversion table.  So, back and foot comfort will be identical on either table.  In addition, operation of both tables is identical.

The L5 has a unique mechanism where the rotational speed (basically an adjustment for the center of gravity) of the table can be set with a dial.  On the EP-960, this must be set by removing the bed from the frame.  While this may seem important, the rotational speed setting is typically only set twice during the life of the table.  Having dealt with thousands of inversion table customers, and having used inversion tables ourselves, we have found that this is set once when the table is set up and maybe one more time once the user gets used to inversion (by speeding up the rotational adjustment).

The L5 sports a different frame design with a more curved look.  We will leave it up to you on the attractiveness of the table vs. the EP-960.  We have not had experience folding the L5, and we are not sure if the leg design would effect storage.  The EP-960 folds up very well.  Both tables accept the accessories that came out for the 60 series earlier this year.

Warranty is the same for both tables – 5 years on everything.  I am absolutely sure that the L5 has comparable quality to the EP-960 and other Teeter inversion tables.  Teeter doesn’t mess around with quality, and I have never seen a poorly design table from them.  Both tables carry the UL Mark and have passed UL certification testing.

Looking at the manual for the L5, assembly appears to be pretty much the same with the same components being pre-assembled (such as the frame and mainshaft)

Strangely, I cannot find any statements for money back if the table does not work for you.  With the EP series, Teeter offers a 30 day money back, allowing you to use the table for that period and return it used for a full refund.  On a side note, at Better Health Innovations, we extended that to 90 days, which I don’t believe anyone else is doing.  90 Days really gives you time to set up the table and give it a fair try.


Whether the rotation adjustment improvement and the leg design warrants a price tag $100 to $179 higher than the EP-960 is debatable.  Currently (subject to change with time), the EP-960 price is $399 at BetterHealthInnovations.com, which includes a 110% price guarantee.  Advertisements for the L5 indicate a $499 to $579 price tag.  If money were no object, you may consider it,  but even so, with the L5 it appears there is not a trial period and the BHI Inversion Coaching Program is not available.  From that perspective, you are actually getting less value for more money.   Based on this, I very much recommend the EP-960.

We have a lot more information about the EP-960 on BetterHealthInnovations.com (Click here for the EP-960) as well as the entire Teeter EP product line (Click here).

The Best Reason To Buy a Thumper Massager

The Best Reason To Buy a Thumper Massager

Well, maybe not the “best” reason to buy a Thumper Massager. After all, these are the best massagers on the market today for effective percussive massage that gets right to aches, pains, and tight muscles.

Watch the video for details, but what we are doing at Better Health Innovations is that you can now purchase any Thumper Massager with a 90 day absolutely risk-free trial. What this means is that you can use the unit for up to 90 days, and in the unlikely event you don’t like it, simply return for a full refund. We even pay the shipping back to us!

It’s crazy, but there is a method to our madness. We have sold thousands of these machines, and understand how well they delight our customers. These are quality units made near Toronto, Canada with excellent workmanship and reliability. You simply cannot go wrong with a Thumper Massager, especially with this new offer, which is exclusive to Better Health Innovations.

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