What TEETER do I buy?

Over the past several years, this has been perhaps the number one question asked of us.  Here's the deal, without the sales hype: Brand:  Teeter Hang Ups or Stamina or something else? Teeter Hang Ups offers MANY unique advantages, which places them on top of the inversion therapy market.  These include: 5 Year Warranty on all parts. 30 Day 100% Money … [Read more...]

The Shape of Your Foods Will Shape You UP!

Figs with leaves on a white background

There are many natural foods available to us that can help our bodies to function properly which in turn helps us to remain healthy. Many of these food have an uncanny resemblance to the organs or body structures that they help with as well as helping with our overall health and well being. Carrots: A sliced carrot looks a lot like the human eye, it has a pupil, iris and … [Read more...]

Eat healthy for healthy hair


Hey guys, today I would like to talk a bit about what foods you should eat for healthy hair. If you eat a healthy well balanced diet your entire body will be healthy and this means every single cell, up to the hair and nails. I noticed a lot of people say “eat healthy if you want health hair, eat zinc rich foods, get enough protein and B vitamins” but very few people are saying … [Read more...]

7 Warning Signs You’re On The Slippery Slope To Becoming An Alcoholic


We all like to chill out sometimes and have a few beers. Drinking has always been a popular way to socialize with friends, from teens trying to buy alcohol with fake ID, all the way up to pensioners enjoying a glass of whiskey while playing dominos. Drinking isn't going to slow down in our lifetime. It's been happening for thousands of years and it will continue until the end … [Read more...]

Tips On How To Cope With Serious Back Discomfort

Tips On How To Cope With Serious Back Discomfort

Those twinges that come each now and then in the reduce back are not a respecter of nationality, place or age. They hear no one and know no one. They just come correct in at anytime that they want even to the stage of ruining your own valuable lifestyle. Inhale to stay, exhale to roll back up the wall creating sure every part of your backbone makes contact with the wall. … [Read more...]

Tyent UCE-11 Water Ionizer User Manual and Installation Guide


This guide applies to both the UCE-9000T and the UCE-11 For more information: CLICK HERE for the UCE-11 CLICK HERE for the UCE-9000T CLICK HERE for all Tyent Water Ionizers … [Read more...]

Good Yoga Workouts For Back Again Discomfort Remedies

Good Yoga Workouts For Back Again Discomfort Remedies

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Weeo3bsQQrs&w=560&h=315] A lower back again discomfort is a common problem particularly amongst the more mature people. Many victims are actively looking for an efficient reduce back discomfort remedy. It is generally a fantastic problem to these struggling from it, particularly if it affects their daily activities. The discomfort can … [Read more...]

Death by Dignity

Have you ever taken a minute to think about what you would do. This is a topic that has stirred up a lot of conversation on life issues. This young lady (29) is changing her location to be able to take matters in her own hands. Brittany Maynard who has been diagnosed with terminal brain cancer, has chosen to end her life with doctor-assisted suicide which is known as … [Read more...]

Understanding EBOLA

With Ebola being so infectious, we need to start to understand the Ebola protocols for safety measures.  All it takes is one person who has contracted this virus to transmit to others who they closely work with.  The government is implementing close regulations with CDC.  The  CDC is mandating to have site managers to minimize that infections do not enter the hospital and how … [Read more...]

Genius Sperm Bank?

In some crazy sci-fi movie, there might be a plotline of a rich, elite man who has created a sperm bank of only the smartest candidates. Looking further, you might realize that its not a far-fetched movie at all. It’s actually happening. Described in an article on CNN, a successful businessman named Robert K. Graham has worked to create a gene pool over the years that would … [Read more...]