Health Benefits of Vitamin C for Acne



Many individuals are interested in the benefits of vitamin C. Countless people struggle with the skin related issues such as acne and do not realize that one of the main reasons for these problems can be vitamin C deficiency. Millions of people worldwide struggle unnecessarily with blemishes on their skin and  do not need to be so frustrated with the condition of their physical appearance.

Using a natural product for acne removal is usually advantageous for a number of reasons. People do not have to worry about allergic reactions when they are using vitamins to handle their skin conditions. Usually people find that the cost of using vitamin C is much more comfortable on their budget than more expensive alternatives. Taking vitamin C can improve the quality of the person who is taking it in terms of immune defense conditioning. Taking this vitamin can also build up the resistance that a person has to infection.

When a person is less likely to encounter in section they will be better able to maintain healthy skin. The dosage that a person should take is directly related to the amount of trouble that they are having with their skin condition. Increasing the amount of vitamin C that a person consumes will also help them to have less bacteria within their body. Scientific research has shown that bacteria levels do have a direct correlation with the amount of blemishes that a person notices on their skin. When healthy bacteria is outnumbered by unhealthy bacteria an individual is more likely to have a breakout.

There are many ways a person can increase the amount of vitamin C in their diet. They can take it in capsule form. This is ideal for an individual that does not keep track of their diet properly so that they can get the nutrients necessary from natural sources. Many times a person can choose to change their diet in order to increase their intake of this vitamin. If an individual has trouble taking large pills they also have the option of taking this supplement in powder form and dissolving into water or another beverage.

Fruits such as oranges and tangerines are natural sources of this type of vitamin. People that are very careful about what they eat usually notice that their skin becomes less oily within a matter of weeks once they have changed their diets efficiently. A reduction in the amount of oil in a person’s skin will have a positive impact on the amount of pimple outbreaks that a person sees. Vitamin C supplements also will make sure that an individual’s skin remains moist without becoming over saturated with oil and other things that will clog the pores.

There is also the option of placing lotion on the skin that has been fortified with vitamin C prior to being placed in a bottle. This will help the skin to maintain the proper moisture level and also have the best physical appearance possible. Many times individuals will use different combinations in order to maximize the amount of benefit that they can get from a vitamin C regimen. Using many different approaches will help a person to get the ideal skin that they want as quickly as possible.

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Treating Acne with Proper Dermatology

The following is a guest post sent to me from our friend Frank, who is a popular blogger specializing in health and wellness. I thought this would be a great post for our DPL Nuve and DPL Nuve Blue light therapy fans.  Let us know what has worked for you to treat acne by leaving a comment below.

Many people have tried at home acne creams and products and still have issues with acne related breakouts. If you are still having acne breakouts after trying out several different acne products, than you should definitely try treating acne with proper dermatology.

Once you visit the dermatologist, he or she will guide you through the different options to treat acne. Usually, the dermatologist will suggest using “tropic medications” which are usually products such as benzoyl peroxide. These products usually are a form of acne soap, cream, and various gels. This treatment usually will be used for a few months to see if this clears up the acne and works. One of the important factors to remember with this is you must follow the dermatologist’s directions on which order and how to properly apply the creams and soap. If you use benzoyl peroxide for a few months and do not see the results you are looking for, you should contact your dermatologist and you can discuss another form of treatment, most likely medication.

If using tropical medications does not work, then you can try a prescription medication to treat acne. One of the most popular methods is taking Isotretinoin (formally known as Accutane.) Isotretinoin is usually used in severe cases of acne and there are some risk factors in taking it. Before taking Isotretinoin your dermatologist will go over all the possible side effects and health factors and if it is recommended than you will begin your prescription. This medicine is usually taken twice a day when you eat and also with a glass of water. Some side effects can include having chapped lips, skin dryness over your body, and usual amounts of sweating. More serious side effects are rare and include headaches, nausea, and fevers. If you have any of the more serious side effects, you should contact your doctor immediately and most likely you will discontinue using this medication.

If you have acne that is hurting your self esteem and making you feel self conscious, than making an appointment with a dermatologist should be a top priority. If using over the counter skin products are not helping with your acne skin problems, than the only way to help the problem is by visiting a dermatologist. Oral medications for acne can have side effects, however, you must see if having poor skin is worth the risk and if having success in using the product can improve how you feel about yourself, it may be more than worth it.

You can find more helpful tips and advice on skin care at Frank’s website at Charlotte Dermatology.  You should always seek council from a physician about your skin care problems.

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