Health Benefits of Vitamin C for Acne


  Many individuals are interested in the benefits of vitamin C. Countless people struggle with the skin related issues such as acne and do not realize that one of the main reasons for these problems can be vitamin C deficiency. Millions of people worldwide struggle unnecessarily with blemishes on their skin and  do not need to be so frustrated with the condition of … [Read more...]

Treating Acne with Proper Dermatology

The following is a guest post sent to me from our friend Frank, who is a popular blogger specializing in health and wellness. I thought this would be a great post for our DPL Nuve and DPL Nuve Blue light therapy fans.  Let us know what has worked for you to treat acne by leaving a comment below. Many people have tried at home acne creams and products and still have issues … [Read more...]

DPL Nuve Handheld Light Therapy System Review

DPL Nuve Infrared light and Red light therapy for pain relief and skincare

Earlier this year we did a pretty comprehensive and balanced review of the DPL Light Therapy System. The system was recommended by our testers, and we have received a lot of positive feedback from our customers since the review appeared. This time, we are taking a look at the new DPL Nüve, a handheld pain relief and skincare solution that recently joined the other light … [Read more...]

Review: DPL Therapy System – Deep Penetrating Light for Pain Relief and Skin Rejuvenation

Deep Penetrating Light Therapy System

We were recently introduced to the DPL Therapy System.  “DPL” stands for “Deep Penetrating Light”.  The DPL is a FDA approved/cleared system with infrared and red LED lights used for pain treatment and skin rejuvenation.  This review includes our impressions of the DPL from out of the box to real usage on a variety of skin and pain conditions.  I also describe the technology … [Read more...]