7 Reasons why Rock Climbing is good


Rock climbing involves going upwards, downwards or moving haphazardly in a slow and gradual but continuous motion. It is done on the artificial walls created by people in the big halls or warehouses as an activity or on natural formations. Rock climbing is done by people for fun or as an exercise or as a competition. The person who reaches the farthest point with the minimum time wins the climbing competition. The whole body weight has to be carried taking support from the hands and the feet which balance the weight on the natural rock’s textured pits or on the artificial slabs created.

Rock climbing is a heavy and a rugged form of exercise which demands a lot of consistency and patience in the form of hardcore endurance and stamina. You can get bruised while performing this, but it is really an amazing form of exercise apart from the daily boring exercise routine which you have been doing for years. Rock climbing is like an addiction which really pushes you to adopt it as a daily or a weekly form of exercise alone or with your pals. There are many reasons why rock climbing is an awesome way of mixing-up fun and exercising. Some of them are listed below:

  1. Build muscles: Climbing helps in building the core muscles which are otherwise tough to build. It builds the muscles in the forearms, back shoulders and legs. It is a heavy strength training which puts pressure on those muscles which cannot be worked out easily like the forearms. It helps in building the cuts between the muscles leading to a lean muscular body. The legs bear all the body weight which puts pressure on the calf muscles. The mid-section helps in providing stability and the posture required for climbing and the arms take the full control of grabbing the next point. Overall, it provides workout to the whole body.
  2. Better Analytical Skills: Rock climbing is always performed on a certain route for which you are provided with guidance or a map is given to you. While climbing up, you have to figure out the route as well, which really improves the sense of direction and figuring out the most suitable route which is easier and quicker. It helps stimulate the brain functions.
  3. Eliminates Fears: Many people join the rock climbing session to ward off their fears from the height. When rock climbing is done, people are taught to be strong both mentally and physically while performing it and there is no need to look at the ground. It helps in improving their concentration levels and focus on the particular task. There are many proven results when people stopped fearing from great heights after successfully performing rock climbing. There is a security that the rope will always be there to hold you, in case you fall while climbing.
  4. Health is a surplus: Along with the fun part. It is really healthy for the body because of its core difficulty levels. It is the right combination of training as well as a cardio workout which we otherwise do in a gym. This form of exercise really boosts the cardiovascular health and increased stamina. It helps in bringing the cholesterol levels in control and lowering the triglycerides level. It burns approximately 700-800 calories per hour.
  5. Fun with Friends: It can be done alone or along with family or friends. It is a form of a motivating exercise because it can be done with others and creates a feeling of a healthy competition. People follow each other and provide support and share laughs on the way. It starts to develop like a mountaineering club which has the regular members. People share routes and do the planning together.
  6. Creates Balance: Rock climbing provides the body to learn the art of balancing. It is far easier to maintain the balance on the flat floor during the yoga sessions. In rock climbing one has to maintain the balance along with the right amount of patience otherwise you will have to face frequent trips from the wall. This balance improves when one learns to balance the weight on one arm or one leg which happens frequently during rock climbing.
  7. Endurance and Flexibility: This form of exercise helps in bringing great endurance and resistance in the body because of the heavy cardiovascular workout. The muscles flex themselves for a long period of time which builds stamina and muscle fitness. To retain the strength and stamina, one must go slow, steady and patiently. Due to heavy flexing of the limbs, the body gains flexibility. The key to efficient rock climbing is to hold the body close to the wall and increase the muscular motions. It is advisable to stretch the muscles before and after the rock climbing to release any tension build-up.

It is a challenging form of exercise and can be performed to build stamina, increase flexibility, bring agility and gain mental control. You can do rock climbing when you go on holidays or can enrol yourself in the artificial rock climbing activity.


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