LED Technologies DPL FLEX System Review

LED Technologies DPL FLEX System Review

We have been experimented with the new DPL Flex system for about a month now, and so far the results have been very positive.  Using light therapy for pain relief is nothing new, but having a powerful unit such as the Flex configured so the user may wear it is pretty ground breaking.  Note that it does still plug into an outlet, so you cannot where it “out”.  However, it is far easier to use the Flex on areas of the body that need relief from pain or soreness than with their full sized DPL system

Watch the video below for more information about the system, and be sure to click below to go to Better Health Innovations for a more detailed description.

CLICK HERE for more information about the DPL Flex System.

Therion Magnetic Therapy Review and Overview

Therion Magnetic Therapy Review and Overview

We have thousands of friends and customers who swear by magnetic therapy.  In the video, I discuss the difference between magnetic therapy and magnetic jewelry.  Also, I highlight the benefits of the Therion line of pain relief products.

More information: http://www.betterhealthinnovations.com/Magnetic_Therapy_s/58.htm

There’s a lot of causes of pain in your joints or in your muscle tissues or what have you. I just want to do a really quick overview and talk a little bit about magnetic therapy. There’s really two types of magnetic technologies that are used to address pain. The first one I call magnetic jewelry, and you see it’s relatively inexpensive, although there are some very expensive magnetic bracelets and that sort of thing. Typically, it’s a steel magnetic bracelet that will fit around your wrist with two magnets on it and that’s to address the old carpal tunnel or sore wrists, even in the hand areas, what it’s claimed to do.

Then, there’s magnetic therapy. I want to talk more about magnet therapy. The feeling really is, is that with the magnetic jewelry, it really does not have enough power to penetrate into the areas of your body where you really need help with pain. Also, those are fairly limited in that they really only fit your wrist. Let’s talk a little bit about magnetic therapy, specifically Therion magnetic therapy. This is a made in the United States product. Really the gold standard of magnetic therapy in the fabric that they use, in the magnets that they use, etc. I have a few of these, a few examples that I pulled out to show you today.

With their platinum line, for example, this is a platinum knee brace. With the platinum line of Therion magnetics, they are using 13,800 Gauss neodymium magnets. That’s opposed to magnets you’d find in a craft store or something like that with a very weak field. These actually penetrate, have an effective penetration of eight inches. Now, you will see other products out there that talk about penetration. A lot of times they’re talking about the maximum or how far away the magnetic field can actually be felt. This is eight inches of effective going through the bone and muscle in your body.

Great example here, is opposed to using a magnetic jewelry, is a magnetic wrist brace; great for carpal tunnel, great for wrist pain. If you’re typing for too long on the computer, it’s fantastic for that. I threw this on this morning just to demonstrate how it’s on here. I’ll wear one of these, if I’m working at the computer for too long. I’ll get some pain in one of my wrists. This is one of their larger products, the knee brace. This, I think the size is a large. Fourteen high powered, high quality magnetics strategically located and very high strength Velcro that will wrap around and serve as brace as well as providing magnetic therapy. Rather than just having a brace on your knee, you’re also getting the benefits of magnetic therapy.

I have friends and family members with knee pain. Fortunately, it’s not an affliction in myself, but a lot of them have gone for cortisone shots. That seems to work fine for a year or two, and then the cortisone shots just don’t seem to have any affect. Many of those folks that I know have just transferred over to a Therion type product. They’ve really got fantastic, actually surprising, results out of the Therion magnetic braces. Another differentiator about Therion versus some of the imported, I would say inferior brands, in magnetic therapy. The Therion braces and supports are made with a fabric that they actually patented. This fabric allows it to breathe, very, very comfortable against the skin.

You’re able to wear this, whether it’s a knee brace or back brace, something for your wrist, something for your collar, something for your upper arm or elbow. You’re able to wear that throughout your normal day. You’re able to do activities that you are usually able to do, because of the comfort of the fabric. There you go. We have a lot more information at BetterHealthInnovations.com. I really encourage you to take a look at the entire Therion product line, knee braces, insoles. There are magnetic technology and memory elbow braces, back braces, etc. Have a look at BetterHealthInnovations.com. There is a link down in the description below. As always, everybody have a great day.

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