LED Technologies DPL FLEX System Review

LED Technologies DPL FLEX System Review

We have been experimented with the new DPL Flex system for about a month now, and so far the results have been very positive.  Using light therapy for pain relief is nothing new, but having a powerful unit such as the Flex configured so the user may wear it is pretty ground breaking.  Note that it does still plug into an outlet, so you cannot where it "out".  However, it is far … [Read more...]

Therion Magnetic Therapy Review and Overview

Therion Magnetic Therapy Review and Overview

We have thousands of friends and customers who swear by magnetic therapy.  In the video, I discuss the difference between magnetic therapy and magnetic jewelry.  Also, I highlight the benefits of the Therion line of pain relief products. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9FFAD3Nqzmk More information: http://www.betterhealthinnovations.com/Magnetic_Therapy_s/58.htm There’s a … [Read more...]

Exercise for Osteoarthritis Sufferers


Osteoarthritis is a common degenerative condition caused by wear and tear to the cartilage in the joints. It most frequently affects the older population with worldwide estimates stating that about 9.6% of men and 18.0% of women aged over 60 years suffer from the condition. About 80% of those affected will experience some limitation of movement. Sufferers will frequently … [Read more...]

Back Pain Causes and Treatments


There are countless back pain causes. For this reason, it’s important to seek assistance from a physician. To properly diagnose your condition, your doctor will first need to eliminate any potential causes. These may include medical or injury-related conditions. The following are a few of the most common back pain causes: … [Read more...]

5 Common Medical Injuries Runners Should Be Aware Of


Whether a serious marathoner or a weekend jogger, these are 5 of the most common running injuries all trekkers should be aware of. Running is one of the oldest and most primal forms of exercise, and it’s a beautiful thing to rely on only your two feet and your drive to navigate the world around you, but taking care of yourself and your body right will ensure that you can be … [Read more...]

Percussion Massage: We Compare The Thumper Sport Against the Homedics Compact

Percussion Massage: We Compare The Thumper Sport Against the Homedics Compact

A discussion of percussion massage and two options for home use. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ehw7o9es-1k Overall, I was disappointed with the Homedics massages.  I really wanted their massager to be successful through the evaluation, but I cannot recommend it based on build quality, ergonomics, and effectiveness. The Thumper Sport performed much better through the … [Read more...]

Teeter Hang Ups EP-560 Inversion Table Introduction and Quick Review


Early this week Teeter Hang Ups released their new EP-560 and EP-560 Sport inversion tables.  For those who follow this sort of thing, it's pretty exciting news since it's been a few years since Teeter has had a major redesign.  I first saw this table at the 2011 fitness equipment trade show in Vegas, and have been eagerly awaiting it's release.  Here, I give you a quick review … [Read more...]

Osteoarthritis, Pain Relief and the Importance of Dietary Choices


We are what we eat! Any condition which limits movement and causes pain in the joints is called Osteoarthritis. It is common knowledge that cartilage (the smooth surface at the head of the bone) and bone health impact on joint health. Inflammation of bone/joint, bone spurs and long-term wear and tear all have a role to play, but importantly, Osteoarthritis is not an … [Read more...]

Alternative Methods For Back Pain

Carolina Baptism

Back pain can be a debilitating condition. Once you’ve exhausted modern medical treatments, and are fed up with popping pain pills, you may consider resorting to alternative means. There are in fact many effective alternative treatments for your back’s health. Give some of the following methodologies a try to relieve your back pain. 1. Acupuncture. Working along acupuncture … [Read more...]

Better Health Innovations Featured on Teeter Hang Ups Blog

I was pretty happy to see us featured on the Teeter Hang Ups Blog earlier this week. We go way back with Teeter. BHI was less than a year old when we began selling Teeter Inversion Tables. Back then it was the old F5000, F7000, and F9000 inversion tables, and we were selling them mostly on eBay and a few on our one website. How times have changed. Now eBay is no longer … [Read more...]