How to Make Your Own Protein Bars


Protein bars have grown in popularity due to their convenience. The bars can be carried around and eaten at any time and place, perfect for people who skip breakfast or lunch. These bars are also a staple snack for weight lifters or anyone who enjoys a good workout. Although they won’t magically increase your muscle mass, they help to sculpt your muscles and define your body. … [Read more...]

How to Use Whey Proteins to Build Lean Muscle


Many people use whey protein to build muscles. Proteins are the building blocks that bodies need to increase muscle mass. There are many sources of protein: meats, nuts and legumes. However, athletes often have a difficult time acquiring all the protein they need through these sources. Weightlifters simply can only eat so many cans of beans. Many athletes look to protein … [Read more...]

Make Protein A Part Of Your Balanced Diet

Protien molecule

For some reason protein gets ignored by most people. If you ask someone what makes a healthy diet the most common replies are low fat, reduced sugar, low salt. The emphasis is always on calories, sugar and fat. Protein is an essential macro-nutrient. Along with fats and carbohydrates, proteins are one of the 3 macro-nutrients which provide us with a healthy balanced … [Read more...]

Best Before Bed Snacks To Keep You Lean

Greek yogurt parfait

Stressed about late-night eating? One thing that many people do struggle cutting out of their daily schedule is late-night eating. You're at home with not much else to do but watch the television or surf the Internet and food just happens to go perfectly with both of these activities. Chances are you're also slightly hunger if you've eaten your dinner meal around six or … [Read more...]

Learn How To Choose The Right Whey Protein


What's the best whey protein powder? Should you think that merely since you are consuming whey protein that you're acquiring all of its incredible benefits you might be very wrong. If you're picking incorrect, the possibilities that you are getting very few of the rewards from your whey are really quite high. Inherently, whey is an outstanding way to obtain protein that is … [Read more...]